Why Not @baitoei
Cold Drinks & Good Company

Bar in Kham Ta Kla
Open daily until 10:00pm

My name is สาวิตรี กิ่งแก้ว (Sawitree Kingkaew), but everybody calls me ใบเตย (Baitoei) for short. Me and my boyfriend Roman Lutz are the owners of Why Not @baitoei.

Why Not @baitoei Night View
Why Not @baitoei Night View

Why Not @baitoei is a small but lovely bar in my hometown Kham Ta Kla and we want to give you a relaxing time here with us to enjoy your calm down with some drinks, smoothies, food, snacks and good music.

Come and see yourself.

We would be very happy to welcome you here 😉